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Finally, a virtual staging company that provides outstanding renderings and an easy-to-use platform.

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All-in-one real estate marketing service

What makes Tantify unique

ordering process

We created a user-friendly platform that makes the whole virtual staging process smooth and simple.

virtual staging

We focus only on creating outstanding virtual renderings, taking a deep dive into each project.

over the years

Due to our solid experience in virtual staging, top real estate agents across the US choose Tantify as their go-to partner.

Submit in just
a few clicks

All you need to do is upload photos, choose furniture from the trendiest styles and include any preferences.

Direct contact with designers

No more messy emails, time-consuming discussions and never-ending clarifications.

We love our customers

Grow your personal discount within Tantify’s loyalty program and stay tuned for special offers.

Choose New York’s most
trusted virtual staging service

turnaround time

Tantify is a smart and easy-to-use platform that sped up the ordering process. Now it’s 10 times faster to collect all the details than doing it via email or phone. Keep track of your orders and communicate with designers directly online.

10 years
of experience on US market

We got our start as a 3D architectural visualization studio, Hasten, in 2011 in NYC. Over the past 10 years, we have built long-term partnerships with top real estate agencies around the US.

leading Companies

Combining high-end design and cutting edge 3D rendering software with excellent customer service, Tantify has gained loyal customers among real estate agents, marketing managers, photographers and designers worldwide.

Loyal customers we work
with and proud of

Let's start working on your project together!

With a user-friendly platform that makes the ordering process smooth and simple and a support team excited to help you, getting started with virtual staging has never been easier.

We can handle any styles
and complexity

replace dated furniture

The old furniture looks dull, unappealing, horrendous? Unlock the potential of your listing with Tantify! Refresh the outdated look with sophisticated virtual Redesign available in our Advanced and Premium plans. Transform your property into a welcoming home.

renovate or build property from scratch

Sometimes architectural adjustments, such as changing finishes or repainting walls, are necessary to clean up the image and emphasize the potential of a property.

Renovation is an extra feature only available in the Premium plan as it takes more work, but our clients say it's worth every penny.

Want help
getting started?

Choose the style that
suits your needs


Traditional, Transitional, Provence, Coastal

Timeless and placeless, comfortable and put together, it incorporates traditional shapes with structure and symmetry.

Midcentury modern

Modern, Urban industrial, Casual

Functional and simple, it stood the test of time and still remains fresh, modern, and relevant with its clean lines.


Neo Classic, Glam, Art Deco, Chic

High-end and polished, it employs all the finest of finishes that give that posh and elevated look.


Eclectic, Urban Modern

Exotic, playful and layered - it creates a unique aesthetic by mixing, matching and breaking the rules.



Minimalistic and simple, it uses a blend of textures and soft hues to make sleek, clean lines and earthy materials feel warm and inviting.


Loft, Rustic

Intentionally rough, with unfinished metal, wooden elements and exposed brick walls - it can be dark and masculine or light and chic depending on your taste.


Attract more potential buyers with Tantify

Start your project with the most trusted virtual staging experts in the US. Choose your perfect solution that will cover all your needs.

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This virtually staged image from Tantify looks so real, we’re seriously questioning our eyesight.

When your photos need a heavy lift and a premium finish.

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What if I’m not really into design? Is Tantify right for me?
What if I don't like the results or the design doesn't fit?
What if I'm not tech-savvy? Can I handle ordering via Tantify?
I don't have photos yet. Can you recommend a photographer?
I'm on a strict deadline, so I need images done yesterday. Can you help?
How can I track the turnaround of my order?
Will I get my money back if I didn't use any benefits of my Tantify Plus subscription?
How do I change my plan?
How do I cancel Tantify Plus subscription?
Can I still use the benefits of my Tantify Plus membership if I cancel the subscription?

Ready to fill in the blanks and skyrocket your sales with Tantify?

Create an emotional connection with your home buyers through high-end virtual staging design. Our experts will take a deep dive into your project and guide you through every step.