FAQ - Tantify

What is virtual staging?
What software is used for virtual staging?
Can I do virtual staging myself?
What do I need to have my property virtually staged?
Can you remove old furniture from photos or make edits to existing furniture pieces?
I don’t have a floor plan - is it possible to work without it?
What is your turnaround time?
I'm on a strict deadline, so I need images done yesterday. Can you help?
How can I track the turnaround of my order?
What size and format of photos should I send?
What is a Combined/large room?
What is Redesign?
What is Renovation?
What if I’m not really into design? Is Tantify right for me?
What if I don't like the results or the design doesn't fit?
What if virtual staging looks fake?
What determines your pricing?
How can I pick reference images for the style I’d like to stick to?
What is the main difference between pricing plans?
What payment methods are available?
What do you do with my personal information?
My property is under construction - can you create a design concept for it now, or should I wait till construction ends?
How does 3D Rendering/3D Visualization differ from Virtual staging?

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