We are Tantify

Our team has vast experience in real estate marketing, using virtual reality software, and has contributed to selling hundreds of homes. Frankly speaking, even Heidi Klum has given her preference to the interior design created by our team of highly qualified specialists.

That is exactly why we don’t recommend our clients to waste their time on rearranging furniture and other pointless things like “luxury home staging”, which costs thousands of dollars. They can spend this time on meetings and successful deals instead.

Having a solid experience in 3D rendering, we have come across an issue that the process of gathering all details of a project is really complicated and time-consuming.

Therefore Hasten, leading 3D architectural company in NYC, has created a new convenient and interactive service that helps both our clients and us to contribute to enhancement of virtual staging process.

What sets us apart from other
virtual staging companies?


Our team implements your ideas, creating unique ultra-realistic designs - competitors don’t have even the slightest idea, how we make it.

Speed and flexibility

We always conform to clients’ deadline. The turnaround ranges from 12 to 24 hours maximum.

Fastest CPUs

Modern technologies allow to create digital images in a very short period of time - and we use them by all means!


Our managers will contact you in 5 minutes in any convenient way: email or phone.


We provide more than 10 000 models of furniture and decor - nobody has so many, as we create them ourselves!


Tantify implements machine working and Al for creating authentic designs and more accurate detecting of clients’ taste and needs.

We are collaborating with pretty awesome companies, just have a look at them!

How it works


Choose a preferable rate that will meet your personal needs


Upload photos (please use professional high resolution photos, not the ones you can take on your iphone with a tilted horizon)


Choose the type of a space and additional services depending on the size and the amount of furniture in the room


Choose a style


Choose references and colors that you like the most (do not hesitate to specify that you’d like the couch to be red and the chair to be green - you can do this in a comment section)


Do you have a floorplan and some inspirational images? Great! Please upload them here.


Please submit payment to receive your order.

We will contact you shortly! You will receive ready images by email in 12-48h (according to your plan), if your photos meet requirements of our service and no relevant information is absent.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!