is to transform digital real estate marketing. We use holistic approach to building outstanding virtual staging service.

In the beginning was...
Leader in 3d visual real estate marketing in NYC since 2011.

We started as a 3D architectural visualization studio Hasten in 2011 in New York. Over the past years, we have established long-term partnerships with leading real estate agencies in the US. It's not just about high-quality pictures, it's also about innovation, combining high-end design and cutting-edge 3D rendering software with excellent customer service.

Therefore we created a new convenient and interactive service that helps both our clients and us contribute to enhancement of virtual staging process.

First iteration of Tantify

The very first version of Tantify doesn’t look like the current one at all. It’s because it was just a prototype for our early adopters who were eager to help us optimize the whole process as much as we were.

Here are some of the insights we got from them:

  • Nobody wants to spend hours choosing from hundreds of 3D models
  • It’s hard to choose furniture pieces and decor that will look put together
  • The turnaround time is much shorter if customers are notified of their order status automatically
  • It’s much more convenient to leave comments right under images

During these 5 years, we have made many changes and several iterations.


Submit in just
a few clicks

All you need to do is upload photos, choose furniture from the trendiest styles and include any preferences.

Direct contact with designers

No more messy emails, time-consuming discussions and never-ending clarifications.

We love our customers

Grow your personal discount within Tantify’s loyalty program and stay tuned for special offers.

Loyal customers we work
with and proud of


Tantify is dedicated only to virtual staging. Staying focused and avoiding distractions lead us to delivering the best product in the real estate market.
Alex Lanin
Co-founder & CEO

I believe in innovations and want to leave bad service, poor quality photos, and unrealistic images far behind.

Vitalii Chubko
CO-founder & CTO
Maria Batrin
Creative Strategist
Tatyana Dronova
Chief Operating Officer
Marina Lazitskaya
Project manager

Let's start working on your project together!

With a user-friendly platform that makes the ordering process smooth and simple and a support team excited to help you, getting started with virtual staging has never been easier.

Press about us

“This virtually staged image from Tantify looks so real, we’re seriously questioning our eyesight.”

“When your photos need a heavy lift and a premium finish.”

Follow up boss

Coming soon

Tantify is the leading virtual staging company on the market
Our team is constantly working on improving your experience.
Stay tuned for the upciming updates:

  • Personal account upgrade
  • New loyalty program
  • Dashboard upgrade
  • Order status notifications via SMS

We love feedback! It allows us to grow and create outstanding service. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas (especially critic!). Get disounts for your feedback.