FAQ - Tantify | What is virtual staging?

FAQ - Tantify | What is virtual staging?

What is Virtual Staging?


Virtual staging is the process of adding 3D furniture and decor into existing interior photos of real estate. A special software is used to recreate a room based on its photo including windows, doors, walls, and floors. Then 3D furniture models are added. Together with realistic textures and lighting it’s called “a scene”, that is rendered with the help of software and then tweaked out in graphic editor. This process is really complicated and takes much diligence, understanding of perspective and space, and sense of aesthetic.

Virtual staging is especially popular among real estate brokers, photographers, and interior designers as it’s a profitable and useful alternative to home staging. As these images look realistic (at least made by our company), phrase “Virtually Staged” must be stated on the image.


What software is used for virtual staging?


We use 3DsMax and Corona Render as a virtual staging software. We believe these are the best tools to achieve high quality realism in the images.


Can I do virtual staging myself?


There are some DIY virtual staging software and websites. However, we do not recommend using them for any purposes except as a hobby - it’s not professional and results mostly look worse than initial images. If you consider becoming a professional, prepare to take a course and practice for months before achieving impressive and realistic images.


What do I need to have my property virtually staged?


What you need is:

Professional high resolution photos of you property (not a photo taken on your smartphone, and at least 3600x2400 px or 300dpi).

Ceiling height

Floorplan (if possible)

Your style and color preferences (the more details we have, the more easier it is to implement your idea of the perfect home into reality)


Tantify allow you to send all these details in one place just in a few clicks.



Can you remove old furniture from photos?


Yes, we can. There are some peculiarities, and the process is more complicated than virtual staging but there is nothing we cannot do.


What size and format of photos should I send?


Professional high resolution photos of you property (not a photo taken on your smartphone, and at least 3600x2400 px or 300dpi).


What is your turnaround time?


The turnaround time for creating a virtual staging image is 12-24 hours once we start working on a project. Several images may be done simultaneously. It also depends on our current workload and how quick your feedback is. Generally it takes 1-3 business days to complete an average 3-5 images project.


I don’t have a floorplan, is it possible to work without it?


Yes. We usually need a floorplan in order to estimate a possible layout. But we can work without one.


What is a “large photo”?


We consider a photo large if the room combines more than 2 area (e.g. living + dining + kitchen). In other words, if there is much furniture to be added, it is considered a “large photo”.


What is “Furniture replacement”?


If there is existing furniture in the room, we can replace it with virtual furniture and decor. We are not able to modify current furniture pieces but only replace them with new ones.


Can you make edits to existing furniture pieces.


What we can do is adding a pillow to the bed, a lamp to the nightstand, flowers to the console, but we cannot modify current furniture pieces, but only replace them with new ones.


What is the difference between your price plans?


The main difference between our price plans is the number of revisions.


“Basic” package is popular among those who need their photos done ASAP without any revisions necessary.


“Standard” package is the best option for those who want have a revision “just in case”.


“Pro” package includes more furniture choices and up to 3 rounds of revisions for those who are more “into design”.


There are more furniture choices, designer’s assistance and unlimited number of revisions for the “Premium” package.


Is it hard to use Tantify? What if I’m not a designer?

Tantify is super easy to use: all you have to do is upload your photos and drop us a hint on what you like, the rest is on us! Our team has a vast experience in design and property sales, so you can always rely on us.


Why virtual staging is so expensive?


It usually takes about $2500-$5000 for traditional staging with extended fees for listings that take longer to sell, with virtual staging you get the same results (or even better) just for $75 on average. Provided that virtual staging is a complex and time-consuming process of creating images by highly-skilled professionals, it isn’t expensive at all. In order to find the best pricing solution for each and every client our company offers several virtual staging packages, including “Easy project” executed by our trainees just for $34 per image.

My property isn’t built yet, can you create a design concept for it now or should I wait till construction ends?


We create visual design concepts to showcase the full potential of apartment reconfiguration or unbuilt property. 3D renderings can be created on any stage and require only floorplan and dimensions to proceed.


How 3D Rendering/3D Visualization differs from Virtual staging?


Virtual staging is a combination of photography and 3D model (50% real / 50% 3D graphics).

3D Visualization is a two dimensional representation of a computer wireframe model that has been given properties such as texture, color, and material (100% 3D graphics).

The differences you may notice as a customer:

timeline - visualization takes more time to create

pricing - process takes more man-hours